Internal Security Book is Back

Hello all,

I am writing this post with some excitement and some information for you all. The excitement is there to inform you that my book on ‘Internal Security’ will be back in the market very soon. The book came in 2017 and was well appreciated by many people but it was hijacked by a rogue publication involved in unfair trade practices known as ‘Knowracle Publications’ ( ( However, the trouble is over now and an upgraded version of the book will be available soon.

Actually, the book is very close to my heart as it was written during a very bad phase of my life and this book was an effort to come out of that bad phase. The book was written with complete conviction and determination to help the students preparing for the UPSC examination. My wife was with me in the whole matter and we complained in the District Consumer Forum against Knowracle Publication. Finally we won the case on October 11, 2019 and Knowracle Publications was found to be involved in unfair trade practices and the details of that are attached in news articles pasted below (in Marathi).

My book is back now. I am publishing this book with a good publisher who will help me in realizing the potential of my book.

I am re-writing the details of my book from my earlier post as below:

With the growing challenge of global terrorism and local forms of naxalism and insurgency, ‘internal security’ has become a major concern for India. Following the global trend, UPSC also adopted ‘internal security’ as one of the topics in its syllabus of General Studies Paper 3. Internal security challenges for India has increased multi fold from local issues like naxalism and north-east insurgency to global issues like terrorism and a very disturbing recent trend of radicalisation of youth. As the security dimensions for India are increasing day by day, the importance of the topic is also increasing.

In this book, I have made an attempt to give a broad overview of the various facets of internal security situation of India. As ‘disaster management’ is closely related to the security of the people of India, I have also dealt with that topic in this book. In the book, I have dealt with various problems impacting the security of India, legal and institutional measures present to deal with them and recommendations of various committees and task forces for dealing with them. I have also included certain measures based on my own experience and research. I have also dealt extensively with the international situation of terrorism and security of important persons.

Apart from this, I have made efforts to make this book reader friendly especially for a UPSC aspirant. Firstly, I have highlighted important terms in each chapter which will help an aspirant while revision. In the examination, an aspirant can remember these terms and build upon the text around it on his/ her own understanding. In every chapter, I have also made certain ‘mind maps’ which provide a gist of the whole chapter. These ‘mind maps’ are extremely useful to memorize the whole issue (including the challenge and its measures) in a simple and comprehensive manner.

In the book,  I have described various ethical dilemmas faced while tackling security challenges in each chapter separately. These case studies are useful for the General Studies Paper 4 of UPSC.  With growing national security concerns, it is quite probable that UPSC may increase the number of case studies relating to them.

I have also written a brief description of few important personalities who have contributed significantly to the security of India. I have done this to motivate the aspirants towards joining the police force of India, and in particular the Indian Police Service (IPS).

This book will be released soon on Amazon and Flipkart and other offline platforms. I hope my book will help in enhancing your knowledge and I wish luck for your UPSC preparation.

I will be completely open to answer your queries over my email and also in the comment section here.

Details of the Unfair Practices by Knowracle Publications:

*जम्मूच्या उपपोलीस अधीक्षकाला ग्राहक न्यायालयाचा दणका*
*नुकसान भरपाई देण्याचे आदेश*
*जळगाव* – जळगावचे तत्कालीन अपर पोलीस अधीक्षक तथा अमरावती येथील एसआरपीएफच कमाडंट लोहीत मतानी यांनी  लिहिलेल्या ’इंटरनॅशनल सिक्युरीटी कन्सेप्ट, डायनॅमिक चॅलेंजेस’ पुस्तकाच्या जाहिरात व विक्रीसाठी त्यांनी जम्मू काश्मिरातील नोराकल पब्लिकेशन यांच्यासोबत ऑनलाईन करार केला होता. या करारानुसार प्रकाशकाने विक्रीही केली नाही व जाहिरातही केली नाही. यानंतर लेखक मतानी यांना पुस्तकाची मूळ प्रत देण्यास नकार दिला होता. याबाबत मतानी यांनी जळगाव ग्राहक न्यायालयात धाव घेवून तक्रार केली होती.

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