How to Choose Your Service While Filling Detailed Application Form (DAF)

Hi Guys!!!

I understand that students face a lot of difficulties while choosing a correct order of service preference while filling their Detailed Application Form (DAF) for the UPSC Civil Services Exam. When people fill their DAF they don’t worry much about the right order of the service preference they apply for. However, landing in a wrong service can prove to be disastrous for them. I have seen many people who sulk about choosing a wrong service when they could have chosen a right one according to them.

If you choose a wrong service, it becomes very difficult. Its not easy to qualify the civil services examination again and again to change your service.

Thus, I have created this video to give a comparative profile of different services, so that students can easily choose among the various services offered by UPSC.

For a detailed analysis you can refer my book “An Introduction to Civil Services”.

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  1. Hi Sir, Can you please make available a kindle edition of your book “A Bouquet of Services” ? It would be easier and fast to get hold of it than getting it via courier.
    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Also please write a blog post on cadre preferences if possible with feedback from serving officers. There isn’t much information available about cadres other than lot of misinformation & perceptions about cadres.

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