“An Introduction to Civil Services” by Lohit Matani and Vishal

Hello Freinds, after painstaking efforts and liasoning we have come out with a book namely “An Introduction to Civil Services”. The idea behind this book is to introduce the students with the various facets of different Civil Services of India.

“An Introduction to Civil Services” is a book describing the roles, responsibilities, career path, cadre structure, advantages and disadvantages of 23 different All India Services and Central Civil Services recruited by the UPSC (via the Civil Services Examination and other examinations). The advantages (and disadvantages) of one service are described with reference to the other civil services. It also describes real life case studies (showing ethical dilemmas and challenges) of serving and retired officers from 23 different All India Services and Central Civil Services including IAS, IFS and IPS. It also describes the various State (or sub-national), National and International deputation opportunities enjoyed by the officers of different services. Furthermore, it provides a comparative analysis of the different governmental services in a simple and understandable manner for the benefit of the students.

The Ethics Case Studies provided in the book are authentic and directly picked up from field experience. Apart from it, the book also gives an account of the Civil Services Examination and Civil Services in India.

Importance of the Book:

a. This book is important for the college going youth who have a bent to know about the work profile, career path, advantages and disadvantages of different civil services.

b. It is also very important for the students preparing for the various examinations conducted by UPSC, including the Civil Services Examination.  The case studies from different services are important for the General Studies Paper 4 on Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude.

c. The information provided in the book is also important for the interview (or the personality test) of the Civil Services Examination, as various questions may be asked on the profile of different civil services.

d. The book provides an insight to compare the importance of different civil services and help the students in choosing among them.

e. The book is also important for the newly recruited civil servants undergoing their initial years of training or posting. It will give them an overview of the structure of the various wings of the Indian Government.

The book is given a personal touch by using the information given by, and the real life experience of, 23 different officers from 23 different All India Services and Central Civil Services. The name of these officers are as follows:

Contributors Service
Mr. Lohit Matani Indian Police Service (IPS)
Mr. Vishal Indian Police Service (IPS)
Ms. Sarita Yadav Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Mr. Abhijit Shukla Indian Foreign Service (IFS)
Mr. Agneeshwar Vyas Indian Forest Service (IFoS)
Mr. Sahil Garg Indian Post and Telecommunication
Accounts and Finance Service (IP&T AFS)
Mr. Raj Kamal Ranjan Indian Audit and Account Service (IAAS)
Mr. Shevare Dilip Vana Indian Revenue Service- Customs and
Central Excise
Mr. Gugale Dhiraj Dharmachand Indian Defense Accounts Service (IDAS)
Mr. Lokender Singh Indian Revenue Service- Income Tax
Mr. Mohan Agrawal Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS)
Mr. Sheth Vyomesh Rajeshkumar Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS)
Ms. Stuti Ghildiyal Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS)
Mr. Anant Raman Sharna Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS)
Mr. Rituraj Mishra Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS)
Mr. Raman Singh Indian Railway Protection Force (RPF)
Mr. Ajay Bernwal Indian Defense Estates Service (IDES)
Mr. Tidke Rahul Atmaram Indian Information Service (IIS)
Mr. Anupam Kumar Indian Trade Service (ITS)
Mr. Subodh Pratap Singh Indian Postal Service (IPoS)
Ms. Tanu Jain Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service
Mr. Rohit Chawla Indian Economic Service (IES)
Ms. Anshika Bhatnagar Indian Statistical Service (ISS)

The book has been published by OakBridge Publishing Pvt. Ltd. I hope you enjoy the book and learn much from it.

The book is available on Amazon at the Introduction to Civil Services

You can also reach to the FB page of the book at here and my personal FB account here



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